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Bones review

Loved this episode. Loved the case file with the mummy, which I found really interesting. I even liked Daisy and Sweets this week when usually I find them a bore. The idea of Sweets making the tiger growling noises at her though is awkward and I can't make myself watch it. LOL

I also loved the scene were Brennan and Daisy got all excited over their mummy discovery and the rest of the squint squad were looking at htem like they were insane.

Booth and Brennan were awesome. Brenna was being her oblivious self and was a bitch in the scene where she told Booth she wouldn't think of him at all when she was with his boss.

I dont' thinks she was being intentionaly hurtful when she told the boss guy on the date the story about Booth and the meatloaf/egg story. To me she thought it was a funny story and it was natural for her to tell someone.  My idea was only reinforced when the boss guy asked her to tell him more Booth stories and she said she didn't want to talk about Booth anymore. But the point is she still thinks about him even when she is out with someone else. True love! ;-)

Loved the ending when she told Booth the reason she picked Booth as her date to the museam event was because the moments should be THEIR moments, and then they almost kissed!!! SQUEEEEE!!!

I still don't like Daisy as an intern possiblity though. :-P
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