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Supernatural and Vampire Diaries review.

Vampire Diaries took a step back as far as good for me tonight. I liked the scene where Damon pulled the bullet out of Stephan. I LOVED Kathrine's 19th century dresses and hair! But the ending on a whole was way to angsty. THis is why I hate Stephan. He's a whaaaa whaaaa whaaaa whoa as me character. And the ending with Elena and Stephan seperating was WAY WAY to Clark/Lana like for my tatses. :-P

I found Supernatural to be an okay episode. It wasn't the worst, but it wasn't awesome. I'd probably give it a 6, MAYBE a 7, but leaning more towards a 6.

The Castiel scene with teh woopie cushion was HILARIOUS, I died laughing.

My problem was this episode had an air or Mystery Spot with the half funny, half serious episode. But while Mystery Spot pulled it off beautifuly, this one fell flat to me. :-\
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