Specialagentldy (specialagentldy) wrote,

Supernatural review

I thought this episode was okay. THe plotline was a bit boring to me. The only part of the main plot I liked was when Dean cracked the House of Wax crack and Jared's expression when he looked at him.

As far as the brother's plotline I loved it. At first I was sooo pissed at Dean. I wanted Sam to punch Dean in the face. He was being such a dick. But I Loved what Sam said when he stood up for himself. How he told Dean 'Hey you're the one who asked me to come back." I was also extremly happy that Dean finally admited to his part in starting the apocalypse. So I was definitely pleased with the ending.

But honestly the episode on a whole was meh. Maybe a 5/10.


Does anyone know how long the show is going to go on hiatus? 
Tags: reviews, supernatural
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