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Little late.... Supernatural and Vampire Diaries review

Better late then never I guess!!

I know a lot of my flist hated this weeks Spn... I loved it. heh. I really love this season so far! Some people hate the Castiel/Dean story line. I honestly think it's not going to go on forever. I think actually after the episode this week it will go back to Sam and Dean. Castiel is hilarious trying to adjust to human status. The complete and utter expression of fear at the whore house was HILARIOUS. I'm glad he didn't actually have sex with anyone though. that would have made me upset.

I am LOVING LOVING LOVING Sam's story line this year. I love his struggle with the demon blood, and I thought it was really cool that they brought in those outside hunters. I always want to know what outside hunters think of the Winchesters so it was kind of a cool moment to me.

I was so upset when they tried to force Sam to drink demon blood! All I could think was "Where are you Dean???!" But he resisted which was cool.

I also love the scene where they were showing Dean hunting and Sam living the domestic life. How the camera flashed between those two. That was cool camera work.

Some people are unhappy with Dean saying he's happier without Sam. To me this is total denial mode for Dean and something he would say to try and convince himself. It's obvious that he totally misses his brother when you see him all smiling and looks to the passenger seat to share the moment with Sam and when he see's Sam not there he gets this sad/resigned look on his face. Also when he asks Castiel if he can have his necklace back. He's not fooling anyone IMO.

I know the Sam/vessel storyline was predictable but I still LOVED it. I was squeeing. AWESOME! AWESOME! AWESOME! My favorite line is Lucifer's "Because it's you Sam. It always had to be you." YAY! :-D

Vampire Diaries was a bit better this week. I think it's because Damon rocks and they actually put him in a lot more scenes. If they continue to do that the show might not actually be to bad!

Unfortunately they are making Elena out to be to much like Lana Lang. UGH.

That is all!
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