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HOMG BONES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Bones Premiere was like one of the best episodes EVER!!!! A++++++++!!!!!!!!

It had schmoopy up the yin yang! It kept up with Booth really loving Dr. Brennan. It had Brennan in danger with Booth going to her side. HOMG!!! SO MUCH love for this episode.Also everyone else who wanted to hug Brennan after she got back she was like "Why?" and as soon as she saw Booth her face lit up and she threw her arms around him. The psychic lady totally new what she was talking about when she told Brennan she doesn't understand why anyone would love her. Awww vulnerable Brennan!

Though I was a bit pissed at Sweets for discouraging Booth. I literately yelled at the screen, "Shut up Sweets!!!"

HOMG I can't wait for the rest of this season, if it's anything like the premiere. This sooo makes up for the downer that was the finale last year.
Tags: bones, spoilers, tv
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