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This isn't logical people!

Okay, some people are pissed at Bobby and his yelling at Dean to get over it. (For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about see previous post clip 2. Now I've read both arguments and one person pointed out that yes, Bobby could have put it better. But honesty?? What is Dean talking about??? I mean I understand that Dean is hurt, and that Sam tried to strangle him. But really people, no one here is seeing the bottom line. Everyone keeps saying, "Well can you blame Dean? Sam has called Dean weak, he said Dean couldn't handle killing Lilith. He has been lying, he tried to strangle Dean.." Blah blah. Hello, people! Sam is NOT himself. It's not like Sam is doing these things with a malicious intent. He's basically gone crazy! IT's like someone who really is under hardcore drugs and can't pull themselves out if it. It's totally weird for Dean to turn his back on Sam now. This is the Dean who told Sam he'd rather die then kill Sam even though he could have been evil and killed a hunter? This is the Dean that told Sam as long as he was around he wouldn't let anything bad happen to him? This is the Dean who was basically Sam's father! And now you are saying you are going to turn your back on him. And who knows if that was ever really your bother??? Come on!

Yes Bobby could have said it better, but  I get it. He was frustrated that Dean was saying these things when honestly it's not like this is REALLY Sam. It's Sam the addict, Sam who is being manipulated. No, this doesn't excuse his behavior, and I honestly believe that when Sam snaps out of this he is going to have to deal with the horror of what he has done. But for Dean to say what he did at the end about "If you walk out that door don't you come back." That was the STUPIDEST thing you could say to someone in Sam's situation. I really don't understand why people are trying to excuse the bad behavior that Dean is exhibiting.

End Rant. LOL
Tags: spoilers, supernatural
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