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Tonights Spn ::::Raves and a couple of rants:::

Okay for the most part I really really loved this episode. Unfortunately I have to ignore the main plot to like it. :-\ I really dislike the idea of Chuck writing Supernatural books that are prophets and the great gospel "Winchester" I thought this was going to be a joke, but it doesn't seem it is, and just ummm... no. Talk about silly!

If I ignore all that, there is MUCH MUCH squeeage to this episode.

LOVE the fan shout out in the beginning. Complaining fans? "Sam Girls", "Dean, Girls" and HOMG Slash fans! That whole scene was SOOO full of win! "They do know we're brothers right?" "Doesn't seem to matter." BWAHAHAHAH!!!!!

The scene where Chuck reads about Sam and his 'Fiery demonic passion" and Sam chuckling. Love it. I love Jared's laugh. :-)

Speaking of Chuck... HE is SOOOO full of awesomeness. That actor is really really great. I hope to see him again on Spn. I'm relieved that they didn't kill him off!

Awww I totally thought Dean loved a tofu burger! I guess I should have realized it was a mix up when I thought I saw the bacon on the burger. :-(

I think it's sad and interesting how much Sam and Dean have switched roles. Dean used to be more of the "Go CHARGE!" guy and Sam was the "Whoa, wait we need a plan." Now it's really the opposite.

Sooo creepy when the lights of the motel go out and change to "Red." 

I love the conversation between Chuck and Sam. Did I mention I really really loved Chuck? :) The fact that Chuck blatantly pointed out to Sam that his drinking blood was "Wrong." It was just a really great scene with Chuck almost like a therapist. I was thinking Chuck was an Angel at this point.  And we get confirmation that it's like Sam is addicted to the demon blood like a drug. So that was cool. I wish Sam could open up to Dean like he did Chuck. But I guess it makes sense that he doesn't. He's trying to 'protect' Dean.

 There are so many good lines in this scene. Like when Sam saids "If I'm going to stop Lilith and the apocalypse." and Chuck saids "I thought that was Dean's job? That's what the Angel's say right?"  and "So you gotta carry the weight?" I Just LOVE LOVE this scene!!! Sooo good. Wow this guy is an awesome actor.

Sam totally feels like a heroine addict making up excuses of why he should keep drinking the blood. Oh, Sam. :(

Then comes the Castiel scene that I thought was a joke, that wasn't it seems, which = yucky episode. (Right ignoring the stupid part in the episode so I can focus on the squee)

The scene between Sam and Dean. HOMG. I'm so glad that the writers let us know that Dean is aware of Sam's tearing a part of Alistair, and his psychic powers. And that Castiel told him. Oh wow, this scene is awesome and heartbreaking. Finally Dean fully admits that he thinks Sam might go darkside. I think somewhere deep inside Sam he's worried about it too.

I think it's really interesting that Sam tells Dean "it's not what you think." Like does he think that Dean will approve of Sam drinking demon blood if it's for a good end? Oh, Sam you are so far gone!

Dean praying. Oh. This made me feel sad for him.

Okay I have to say that this is probably my favorite scene with Castiel. I don't get how some fans don't like him. Misha is a great actor, the story line is SOOO interesting. This scene I think especially  showed Misha's acting abilities.

This scene makes me worried that there going to pull a "Dean" goes darkside instead of Sam switcharoo. That would be lame and so disappointing IMO. I am hoping because Castiel did help him that this won't happen. :-\

I kind of love the expression of anger on Castiel's face when Dean saids "Screw your God." Ooo probably not a good thing to say to an Angel. heh.

I fell in love with Misha all over again in this scene. His expression when he saids "Just so you understand. Why I can't help" And his expression right after ::::melts::: Wow Misha, you are such a good actor!

"Thanks Cass." Oh, Dean! Oh, Castiel!" :::Swoons:::

Again why don't people like Castiel?? :::is baffled:::

Okay the whole scene with Lilith and Sam. I really feel that this shows a lot how Sam has changed. I think Sam in seasons 1-2, and probably even three would NEVER dream of keeping himself and Dean alive vs 6 billion people. Sam's excuse is he thinks that Lilith is lying but I honestly think that pre this season if Sam even THOUGHT that Lilith would be telling the truth he would have taken that deal.

And when Sam and Dean are driving in  the car I just think it reinforced this. Sam is SO angry and bitter. "She would have found some way to weasel out of it. And all it would have cost us was our lives." SAID so bitterly.

Sam's expression when he's talking about Lilith being scared and that she's running and how she's not going to survive the apocalypse "I'll make sure of that." is really frightening. This Sam is SOOO scary. YAYAYAYAY evil!Sam. How I heart you so. Please Kripke I beg you, don't trick us and make Dean evil. I will be soooo sad. :-( 

Okay Zechariah. Now I'm not so sure what part he has to play and if he's good or evil. Hmmm. I still hope he's good 'cus I really like him last week, but all this stuff is really making me dread a "Oh I am so smart I will make people think Sam is going darkside and then make it Dean." from Kripke.


Anyway's basically a really good episode. I will give it a B+ only because I really dislike the main part. heh.

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