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Tonights episode of Spn

Okay tonight was another HUGE HUGE winner IMO. First of all, the people who are complaining about how whiney and emo Dean has been, this should really be a validating and relief episode for ya!

Parts I loved: 

I just loved the idea that they are both destined to hunt no matter what! 

Loved Sam and his tech support answers because I used to work at a computer place and you won't BELIEVE that amount of calls you get for "broken" computers that just end up being "Turn it off an on." BWAHAHAH so true to life!

I loved when Dean called Sam "Sammy." and Sam was like WTF? NO WAY! Hahah, cannon to first season! 

Loved how the boys kept getting amazed with their fighting skills.

Ghostfacers were FOW!!! Heeeee!

I loved how Dean's fictional family was Bobby, Ellen and Jo, and Sam's girlfriend was Madison. ROFL!

The ending of the 'boys" before Sam quit. HOMG, soooo heartbreaking. When Sam said "I know you." and Dean looked at him and is like "No you don't!" and it's true to what they are experiencing now, Sam's look of rejection. Oh, boys. :( ::::Hugs them close::::

Wow I REALLY REALLY loved Zechariah.  He was an AWESOME angel! I know some people are going to be like "I'm sick of the angels." But honestly I don't' think he's going to necessarily stick around. I think he has a specific purpose and now he's going to leave. But I just have to say I really liked the actor and I loved his speech to Dean.

The speech to Dean was AWESOME. I loved him telling him despite his Daddy issues and him being in Hell that he is destined to do this and he will always pick it no matter what. I also loved that he told him to stop being so sad and mopey and start trying to fight. Some people might see that as being assholish to Dean. That he can't experience his feelings. But honestly I don't think that's what it is. I mean sure part of it is, because they don't have much time and they need Dean to get his act together. But honesty Dean's personality was bred into him and whether it's right or wrong (Hey, personally even though John's intentions were what he thought were right, and I know he truly loved his boys, I thought he was a lousy father) this is truly Dean's personality. He needs someone to be straightforward and  not coddle him. So I did not have a problem with him basically saying "get over it." Besides I Think Zechariah had a genuine affection for Dean.  At least that's how I personally felt. So I don't think this was said with malicious intent I can't squeee enough about Zechariah!

After reading other reviews I did find one thing that bothers me about this episode. I want to know Sam's reaction to all this. I understand the main point of this was to get Dean to come to terms with things so he can fight, but I still think it's important to show what Sam felt about this when he 'woke up'. I wonder if they will even acknowledge it next week. :-P

AWESOME AWESOME episode!!!! \o/
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