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Supernatural! HOMG!!!! :::Bounces::::

This episode was SOOOOOOOO awesome!!!!!!!! ::::SQUEEEEEE!::::

Jensen looked really hot in the torture scene. I don't know if it was the lighting or what, but man! :::pets:::

Sam! SAM!!! POWERS!!! I don't like the kissage with Ruby and Sam but POWERS!!! Oh and Ruby, don't call Sam, "Sammy." HMPH!

I love this Sam drinking demon blood to get stronger.

I loved the torture scenes with Dean. He is awesome when he's being all kick ass like he used to be.

I loved Castiel in this as far as his moral character and his protectiveness of Dean, and his sympathy. I am a little mad that he still seems a bit wimpy. Come on Kripke make him tougher!!!

HOMG! Sam can kill demons now! That is full of so much win!!! \o/ Sam looked really really hot tonight too. heh.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Castiel's expression when Sam saids "I can kill now."

I loved that the whole reason Sam went crazy was because he was trying to protect Dean. See the brothers are still close, just in a crazy way!

Anna is cool as far as the plot development in this episode. Though I don't like her having to save Castiel from Uriel. I wanted Castiel to do it himself.

Though I didn't mind Anna, I still hope she gets killed off. heh.

Poor Dean. The ending is heartbreaking with him telling Castiel to find a new man. I felt really terrible for him when he found out his Dad held out for a 100 years and didn't cave. Then there is Alistair telling Dean he caved after 30. Poor Dean. I think he should get over this low self esteem so he can win the apocalypse. That will make him feel a bit better for starting it all in the first place.

What do you guys think is going to make Sam (most likely) go ultimate darkside? Like what is going to pit Sam and Dean against eachother? I am having a hard time figuring it out now. I mean they both want to stop Lucifer and I can't imagine just because Dean doesn't agree with Sam's methods that it's going to cause a brawl, so something else must happen along the lines.

Any ideas people?

Anyway's, this episode? 10/10. I can't wait for the next episode!
Tags: spoilers, supernatural
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