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The Fall. Evil!Sam Drabble

The Fall by Specialagentldy
Rated PG
Implied Wincest
Evil!Sam Drabble.
My first. EEEEK.
Notes: Contains Ben from The Kids Are Alright. Thanks to acostilow for the beta!

"Dean...Dean, who do you belong to?" Sam purred.

Dean knelt at Sam's feet, silently pleading, but Sam just stared back, tightening his hold on the boy in front of him.

"Who do you serve, Dean?"

Dean looked at Ben's eyes, so wide and scared.

"Just let him go. Please, Sammy."

"You know what I want. What I need to hear."

Ben cried out as Sam squeezed his arm until the bone starts to crack.

Dean closed his eyes, takes a deep breath. Feels something inside shift and fall apart.
"Yours. I am only yours."

And Sam smiled.
Tags: evil!sam, fanfic, fic, supernatural
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