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Vampire Diaries

OMG OMG!!! This episode!!! Okay I don't really care about the two parts of the ending. Jenna being a vampire and probably dead. Not to be mean but I don't care about her character. And I don't really care about Damon's werewolf bite because we know he isn't going to die....

That said. OMG! Damon, why must you screw up time after time! ARGH!!! Every time you get to a point where maybe one day in the future you and Elena can hook up, you screw up! Why would you think turning Elena into a vampire was a good plan???? I know he was desperate and not thinking straight, but it's still so frustrating because it sets my 'ship back! LOL


Okay so did anyone else feel Buffy/Angel vibes when Elena told Stefan to close his eyes? Just me then? Alrighty...

I thought it was sad when Stefan told Damon that Elena already left and Damon's face scrunched up like he was going to cry. Ya, I'm mad at him but I still feel bad. LOL I'm such a sucker.

Good episode. Can't wait to see where they take the ritual stuff. So far Caroline is safe which is good!

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