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Supernatual review

Reviewing as I am watching....

OMG That line Dean gave to Castiel about the look getting him laid and the wink? ROFL Slash cannon! ;-)

Okay I feel bad. I really do. I want to love Dean again, but he's really driving me nuts. How much can you blame Sam. I mean Sam feels horrible. What do you want him to do Dean kill himself??????? I mean how many times does he has to hear the "I can't trust you speech?" 

Look I know what Sam did was fucked up. I get it. I'm not saying Sam is guilt free. I really am not. But I am just getting tired of the same repetitive speech of Sam being this untrustworthy guy. I dunno I'm sure this will piss people off. I'm not trying to be unsympathetic. Maybe I just want the brothers to be reunited again. I am tired of the separation.

Hopefully that happens later in the episode....

OMG Dean that is so mean sending Castiel away like that! Bad Dean!

Oh Zechariah, how I love to hate you. :-)

You go Castiel!! Ooo hot man/man kicking scene! Okay I don't normally ship Castiel/Dean but that scene was kind of hot.

Hahah Bobby. "Should I say it in Spanish?" <3

Oh yay! Adam is bait. That makes more sense.

Oh jeez that was a morbid twist on the "I keep hearing this, but what I want to hear is this" line. LOL

You know maybe Dean is just saying this HORRIBLE stuff to Sam to make Sam stop caring about Dean. Oh, I hope so show.

"Because. You're still my big brother." Ya, Dean so act like one!

Castiel: "Maybe it is, but then I won't have to watch you fail." Oooo ouch.

Sam has faith in you Dean, don't let him down!

Man, Castiel sure is kicking a lot of ass in this episode! \o/

Now THAT was an interesting strategy Castiel!


AWWWWW Dean your wink to your brother. So cute.


Hmmmm wonder what happened to Adam? They will probably bring him back though. :-P

Awwwwwwwwwww YAY Sam and Dean. Please make up now!!!!! WOOO HOOO Dean is apologizing. Okay I love you again Dean. 

Yay I am loving Dean again. Oh THANK YOU SHOW!!! :::Hugs you close::: 

Okay I admit this episode rocked. And Sam and Dean are SamandDean again.

I'm so excited.



Oh yes, PS: Please show for the love of GOD give Sam a haircut!!!!!!!
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