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Bones review!

Okay here we go tonight’s Bones.  Trying something different, reviewing while I’m watching!

Sweets his hilarious with him asking whom Booth's date is with. "Oh, really? Whom might that be? Booth? Whom might that be?" ROFL that was so funny. :-D

Oh Hodgins!!! :::Face palm::: I'm almost to embarrassed to watch this scene! To Wendell: "You've been through this baby daddy scare before?" Oh, God Hodgins. :-\

Brennan "Yes we have intercourse every chance we get!" Oh Brennan you are SOOO socially awkward. ROFL.

OMG the Janitor's room. It looks like a serial killer haven!  And omg it's Freddy! LOL

I LOVE Robert Englund in this! He is PERFECT over the top scary janitor. LOL This scene is so full of win!

LOL at Booth's expression when the sheriff saids "I can't believe it would be her. Her cakes are so light and fluffy."

Yay for Angela/Hodgins!!!! 

Hahahah Booth again. To the guy asking if Booth/Brennan's marriage is working out. "Are you serious??" 

This episode is awesome so far.

Hahaha again can I say how awesome Englund is in this episode???

Oh Jesus Brennan, sometimes you are such an idiot and make me mad. When Booth saids it's a slow song and Brennan saids "Oh, I'm sorry is that to difficult to you?"  Come, on dumbo!!

Brennan "Why are you so far away?"
Booth: "Oh, just keeping room for the Holy Spirit you know." ROFL

Poor Booth. He is so happy and yet so sad in Brennan's arms during the dance.

Hahah Booth's face during the picture. :D

I'm glad Julie was the killer she was a total bitch.

Okay that's it. Be still my Angela/Hodgins heart. Those two NEED to get back together NOW!

Awww I'm so glad Brennan has such good friends now. I felt bad for her at the reunion how everyone was mean to her. Maybe because I can relate. I didn't even go to my high school reunion because I am afraid of how people were. My heart is fragile from that. Ahem, personal stuff.

Anyways, most people didn't like this episode because of last week's heart crusher, But I really enjoyed it and think it was just what we needed. It was very very humorous and I laughed a lot. Exactly what you need after an episode heavy with angst. :-)

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