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It all came down to this...

 Author notes: I don't really write fic often. I am more of a reader. But I felt inspired by last nights episode. Constructive critisim is awesome. If you hate it don't say anything I am fragile! :-)
Warnings: Spoiler for 5x22 finale if you haven't seen it don't read this.

It all came down to this. This final moment. Everything slowed down as Sam stared at Dean’s swollen, battered face. He could still feel the images flashing through his mind of their whole life together. Of the times in the Impala as kids, up through adulthood. They say that when you die your whole life flashes before your eyes. Maybe that’s what this was. As he looked at his brother who lay on the ground broken... (but alive) he prayed Dean remembered his promise to go on.

This was his time to make things right. He brought this upon the world and now he had to fix it. Even now, as he looked down into that endless hole in the ground, he could feel Lucifer scratching away at his mind and soul trying to lock in again. But he couldn’t, wouldn’t, let that happen.

“Sam! It’s not going to end this way. Step back!”

“You’re going to have to make me!”

“I have to fight my brother, Sam. Here and now. It’s my destiny.”

Destiny... And wasn’t that what had gotten them into this mess in the first place? No. Not here... Not now... Destiny was what you made it. That was one lesson both the Winchesters had learned.

             Sam looked over at Dean and realized that this was it. His last chance to save his brother and humanity. He had to sacrifice himself into the pit, and for that he had to let go of his brother. He would do it for Dean, and for humanity. As hard as it was, he would always have those memories of him and his brother together. That was something he hoped to cling to in Hell. But for now, all he could do was fall, close his eyes, take a deep breath, arms outstretched like wings.


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Outrageously, California law instructs the State Department of Mental Health to conduct research into the supposed "causes and cures of homosexuality."

Yesterday, the California Assembly — with only one member voting no — passed an EQCA-sponsored bill, authored by Assemblymember Bonnie Lowenthal (D-Long Beach), to repeal this dangerous law. It passed with overwhelming bipartisan support.

But the anti-LGBT right-wing is already activating their base to kill this bill. Why? Because they know that when people learn that sexual orientation is not a choice and cannot be changed they are much more likely to support full equality.

The Traditional Values Coalition has made defeating this bill a priority — they want the state to support their dangerous position that sexual orientation can be changed. The Traditional Values Coalition has added this bill to their “Target List” of bills to be defeated saying:

“AB 2199 would forever strike from the Welfare and Institutions code the requirement that the State Department of Mental Health conduct research on the ’causes and cures of homosexuality.’ Right now, this is required in the law. But homosexual advocates do not want the state to study ways to help people leave the homosexual lifestyle. They want the world to think that people are ’born gay.’”

How about we find a cause and cure for murders first huh? :-P

People are so damn stupid. It amazes me some of them can function.