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Supernatual review

Read more...Collapse )font-size: smallCollapse )Oh yes, PS: Please show for the love of GOD give Sam a haircut!!!!!!!

Bones review!



What is annoying me is all this negativity towards Cliff (J2's bodyguards) Unless I missed something it totally seems like sour grapes. Some sort of psychotic fan behavior? 

The only really complaint I saw about him was that he told people that season six wasn't official and not to get their hopes up. Then people went crazy about what an asshole he was being? What????? Because he was telling people not to get their hopes up? I don't see how this was assholish. First of all it's the Internet and you really can't tell people's "tone" of voice through what they type online so unless he typed, "Don't get your hopes up. Sorry guys!!!! :-P or something like that how do you know that he wasn't trying to pass along some legitimate information? I mean is he supposed to put happy faces at the end of every sentence so people don't get offended???? :-)

Also some people are saying negative things about J2 posting a video about claiming no twitter. "Nobody else does it!" They are saying how unprofessional it is. Personally I think it's sad they would have to POST a video, but J2 have always been very interactive with their fans. I don't get why this is such a horrible thing? I mean who CARES? Why do we have to run over everything they say/do/seem with a fine toothed comb?

Finally, some people say "I bet Cliff put them up to this for publicity." Ummmm I'll take paranoid conspiracy for a thousand, Alex.


End Rant.

PS: I think I have a few friends that might feel this way. I honesty meant no offense, I just don't get it. :-)

Supernatural review

Bones review


Supernatural and Vampire Diaries review.

Supernatural review

Superntarual ahead!Collapse )

Does anyone know how long the show is going to go on hiatus? 

Bones Review


Better late then never I guess!!

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