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I think tonight’s episode of Glee is my favorite episode this show has ever done.

It was AMAZING!!!

Okay so I am apart of two communities for Glee. One is Kurt_Blaine and the other is Hummel_Karosky.

I admit to liking Dave/Kurt in FANFIC. Usually because I like dark fic for the angst factor. So I like to read fic where Dave is being angsty and creepy. I have read ONE fic that had Dave/Kurt together in a serious way that is actually really good. The authors of the fic did a great job in doing a slow build up in the relationship. Not to mention it's way easier to make a character redeemable in a written story then it is on a tv show.

That said I do NOT think that Dave/Kurt would work on the show. I'm not even really sure they could be FRIENDS, on the show, realistically. But they might be going that route.

I do however love Kurt/Blaine on the show and in fanfic.

Why am I talking about this in relation tonight’s episode? Simply put Kurtofsky fans (That's the term for Kurt/Dave ship) DRIVE ME FREAKING crazy for the most part.

This episode of Glee tonight had a lot of Dave in it. I thought it was awesome what they did with it. I do like Dave as a character because I think he's interesting. But if you go and read the episode discussion for Glee tonight in the Hummel_Karosky community do you know how many people complained about the lack of Dave??? Seriously???? He was in a lot of tonight’s episode, and in important scenes too! Not just two second scenes that ment nothing. I think I'm going to stop reading anything in the Hummel_Karosky community that isn't fanfic. Because seriously I think a lot of the people over there are a little crazy/obsessive to the point of unrealistic about their ship.

I went to the Kurt_Blaine community thinking I was going to get a bitch fest over there due to the lack of Klaine in this episode. But surprisingly everyone was GREAT about it! They loved the one big scene they did get and said good things about the episode. Why is this community seem so much more rational????? :::Sigh:::

Anyways, tonight’s episode was great. I loved the songs and dance numbers, even Finn sounded good in his song for once! I LOVED Kurt's solo. It was probably the best I think I have heard Chris Colfer sing.

I LOVED the scene with Santana and Dave talking. That was great. Also the scene with Paul/Dave, and Kurt/Burt in the principal’s office was everything I hoped for. I adore protective Burt and he was perfect in that scene. I also really really loved the scene between Kurt and Dave. I think Chris and Max are great actors.

The only thing I was disappointed about in tonight’s episode is I heard that Max Adler (Dave) was supposed to sing in tonight’s ep and he didn't. From everything I read about Max he can sing pretty good, so I want to hear it! LOL

Okay sorry for my bitch fest!

Great episode! Next week I'm not looking forward to very much but the week after I am! 


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